• Going Out Tonight2:34
  • Can't Go Back1:45
  • You're The One2:35
  • Speed of Love1:15
  • Remember1:22
  • My Girl Can Dance1:14
  • Magic0:50
  • Take It1:27

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Fun! Upbeat!

Hearts of Rhythm!

Come Dance!

The Linda, Albany




What They Say About Jack

Jack Empie and Friends perform at The Linda prior to the Sierra Club Monthly Movie.
The Linda - WAMC's Performing Arts Studio,  339 Central Ave, Albany, NY. 12206. Movie 7-10 pm.

Copyright 2013 - 2018 Jack Empie. All rights reserved.

Photography by Lorna Reichel.


"Whenever I hear Jack's music, I am always amazed. This is a guy that can play anything-- rock, blues, salsa, country, funk, spiritual, Irish, folk... you name it he can play it-- and play it well! This is a musician who is always expanding his repertoire."

"I love dancing and Jack's music is perfect for that."

"Jack Empie's music is very uplifting and has a lot of soul."

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